his Legacy

Rémi Marcoux at a family celebration in 2011

Photo credit : Rémi Marcoux's personal archives

A page from our collective history

Rémi Marcoux is part of the first generation of francophone Quebecers to start and grow national and international businesses. He put Québec on the map around the world. Focused on ensuring his company’s survival, he long ago planned and prepared his children to take over. Rémi is proof that an entrepreneur can accomplish great things with determination and daring, surrounded by a strong team and a family offering the balance needed to make his dreams a reality. Throughout his journey to the top, he was always able to count on the unbelievable and unwavering support of Carmelle, his lifelong partner. Rémi is a model of success who has inspired many Quebecers.

Parcours entrepreneurial Rémi-Marcoux

Launch of the Montréal-Boston race as part of the Parcours entrepreneurial Rémi-Marcoux at HEC Montréal in 2014. The young entrepreneurs of the first cohort are accompanied by Jacques Robert, HEC Montréal, Marie-Ange Masson, HEC Montréal, Colette Vanasse, HEC Montréal, Nathalie Marcoux, Transcontinental Inc., Luis Cisneros, HEC Montréal, and Gilles Barbot, Groupe Esprit de Corps

Photo credit : HEC Montréal

Clip from Lucien Bouchard’s interview, Cercle des Grands entrepreneurs du Québec — only available in French

Supporting tomorrow’s entrepreneurs

Rémi has always appreciated the education he received at HEC Montréal. In 2013, he created the Parcours entrepreneurial Rémi-Marcoux to give back to this institution and to help future generations become entrepreneurs. This program sparks the entrepreneurial spirit in students by encouraging them to come up with an idea for a business with strong values. Rémi’s daughter, Nathalie, is actively involved in the Parcours entrepreneurial Rémi-Marcoux. Rémi still plays a role as a mentor to help budding entrepreneurs move forward and bring their projects to life.

Clip from Rémi Marcoux's interview, Cercle des Grands entrepreneurs du Québec — only available in French

Many young people have the aptitude and skills to become entrepreneurs. By offering them this path, I believe we’re giving them the tools and confidence they need to succeed.