An entrepreneur
of love,
respect and

Aldo Bensadoun (2017)

Photo credit : ALDO Group archives

An avant-garde nature

Aldo carved out a place in retail with his unique footwear offering.

As an artist and entrepreneur, he took an equal interest in the design and marketing of his products and in the expansion of his distribution network. Aldo poured his creativity into every aspect of his work : from product design and the in-store experience to operations management. He pays particular attention not only to the latest fashion trends, but also to his customers’ needs.

Aldo Bensadoun et son équipe

Aldo with part of his design team (2017)

Photo credit : Richmond Lam

We rarely talk about selling shoes; we talk about creating experiences, the responsibilities of creating and the experience we want our customers to enjoy.

ANDREW VIEIRA, Director, Men’s Product Development, ALDO Group

The retail sector has transformed significantly since he opened his first store, and he owes his success to his ability to adapt. In 2005, Aldo went digital with the launch of transactional platforms in Canada and the United States. He used standardized sizes to facilitate online purchasing.

Chaussure Aldo
Mx. shoes Photo credit : The ALDO Grouparchives

Aldo has always been ahead of his time. Even today, he’s shaking up the footwear industry with a unisex shoe. The design of this sneaker required a number of creative teams to work together for the first time. Aldo supported his associates throughout the process and allowed them to explore their creativity. The Mx. sneaker was launched in August 2017.

Corporate citizenship

The ALDO Group was founded on three strong values : love, respect and integrity.

Clip of Aldo bensadoun's interview, Cercle des Grands entrepreneurs du Québec — only available in French

Aldo wanted to change the way companies operate, and this sense of social responsibility was evident both internally and externally. In fact, he has made it a personal goal to give back to his employees, his customers and the community by developing activities that are based on these values.

Aldo became involved in a number of international causes and was among the first to join the fight against AIDS.

Aldo Campagne Give Back

Give Back. Move Forward. campaign

Photo credit : The ALDO Group archives

In November 2017, the unisex Mx. sneaker was honoured as part of the Give Back. Move Forward. campaign. The ALDO Group teamed up with Global Citizen to help 264 million children worldwide gain access to education. This design was selected because it represents equity and unity. The Aldo team’s recent creation would therefore be used to promote an important message and cause.

He built a successful business and has used it to give back.

STEPHANIE HART, Senior Director of Real Estate, ALDO Group

A global vision

From day one, Aldo knew he was going to take his company global.

Magazines en 2000

Various magazines at the beginning of 2000’s

Photo credit : The ALDO Group archives

Boutique Aldo

Aldo store in Boston (2017)

Photo credit : Gustav Hoiland

In 1993, the first Aldo store outside Canada opened its doors in the United States. Today, the chain has over 3,000 points of sale in more than 100 countries.

Boutique Aldo

Aldo store on New York’s 5th Avenue (2017)

Photo credit : Gustav Hoiland

Cultural diversity contributed significantly to the company’s meteoric rise. This shows in the boutiques, at its headquarters and in all aspects of design. Aldo recruits its associates from around the world. The company has over 15,000 associates worldwide, including 1,200 in Montréal and 2,500 throughout Québec. The various teams keep an eye out for emerging global trends in a number of areas, so as to offer the most fashionable product. The multicultural element is also taken into account in developing each store. The team conducts a demographic analysis and designs a store that accurately reflects the customer. No two of the shoe empire’s 1,600 stores are identical.

Having our headquarters in Montréal is a real advantage for us. We have a large number of people from different countries working with us. Cultural diversity is an integral part of our company and has informed our understanding of the world.


Clip from Aldo Bensadoun's interview at Tout le Monde en parle (October 14th, 2012) - ONLY AVAILABLE IN FRENCH

Video credit : Avanti Ciné Vidéo / Radio-Canada / Ardisson & lumières France