André Chagnon

An entrepreneur with foresight


Video available in French only.

The son of an electrician-entrepreneur, André Chagnon began following in his father’s footsteps by founding his own company in electrical services. With an eye on the future, he became interested in new technologies out of a concern that his service offering might become obsolete. Convinced of the extraordinary potential of coaxial cable, he sold his company in 1964 and bought a small cable operator. In 1980, following his acquisition of Cablevision Nationale, he created Groupe Vidéotron, the largest cable operator in the province. An insightful businessman, Chagnon next acquired Télé-Métropole in order to create a synergy between the content produced by the latter and the broadcasting capabilities of Vidéotron. He continued developing innovative technologies, launching Vidéoway in 1990, the first interactive television system in North America. Until the sale of Groupe Vidéotron in 2000, Chagnon was an innovator that understood how to shine a light on Quebec expertise while paving the way towards interactivity in the industry. He has also established a notable philanthropic legacy with the creation of the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation, the largest family foundation in Canada. With its mission to prevent poverty by fostering educational success, the foundation contributes to improving the future for millions of young people in Quebec.

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