Christiane Germain

Entrepreneurs with distinction

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Christiane and Jean-Yves Germain inherited their sense of hospitality from their parents, who were also their mentors. After a few years spent in the restaurant industry in Quebec, they launched the Germain-des-Prés hotel in 1988 in Sainte-Foy—the first boutique hotel in the country. On the strength of this success they opened new hotels in Quebec City and Montreal, then, in 2003, their first hotel outside the province, in Toronto. Although the pair have complementary skills—Christiane handles brand image and customer service and Jean-Yves financing and construction—they share the same desire to stand out in the industry and innovate. To this end, they created a new flagship in the three-star market, called Hôtels Alt. Throughout their careers, they were surrounded by Quebec artisans and designers who took as much care as they did in giving Germain Hotels a touch of contemporary modernity and elegance. Today they are able to rely on a third generation of the family working at the company to bring the Germain brand’s unique customer experience to life.


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