An entrepreneur for the neighbourhood

Jean Coutu

Photo credit : jean coutu archives


The 1980s were a period of rapid expansion for the Jean Coutu Group, which, on the strength of its extensive franchise network in Québec, entered the New Brunswick and Ontario markets. Each franchise draws on the Group’s strength and reflects neighbourhood values and provides consultations, along with community involvement.

Underlying the franchise concept, my father wanted to give other pharmacists who didn’t have the means to have their own pharmacy the opportunity to become owner-franchisee.

François J. Coutu, President of Jean Coutu group

Dimanche matin newspaper (June 19, 1983)
Photo credit : Jean coutu archives

Collection Commerce magazine (1980s)
Photo credit : Jean Coutu archives

In 1987, Jean Coutu completed the first in a long series of acquisitions in the U.S. Seven years later, Jean Coutu Group acquired another 221 drugstores, making it a major player in the U.S. pharmacy industry.


Over the years, Jean Coutu has continued to innovate, always with a focus on meeting customer needs in a proactive, modern way. In 1999, Jean Coutu became the first pharmacy to offer online prescription renewals. Once again at the forefront of his industry, Jean Coutu served as a pioneer, improving the profession’s practice.

His great strength was always reinvesting to improve his offering.

François J. Coutu, President of Jean Coutu group


Jean Coutu has always believed that the best way to give advice is by setting an example. His name stands for trustworthiness, attentiveness and good advice. “At Jean Coutu, you’ll find it all… even a friend” is more than just a slogan; it has become the company’s philosophy and a token of trust.

The goodwill that Jean Coutu has earned from Québec society is a direct result of the respect and generosity he has always shown others. This lasting recognition has made Jean Coutu Group one of Québec’s most admired companies.

In 1999, Jean-Coutu Group is Québec’s most admired company for the second consecutive year
Source: Léger & Léger

The 12th annual Commerce/Léger Marketing survey on Québec’s most admired companies puts Jean Coutu Group in first place. Source: Léger & Léger

clip from jean coutu’s interview, cercle des grands entrepreneurs du québec – only available in french