Laurent Lemaire

A brotherhood of entrepreneurs

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Brothers Bernard, Laurent and Alain Lemaire were born in Drummondville. Their father was a resourceful self-taught entrepreneur who developed his own method for creating pulp from recycled paper. Inspired by their father, Bernard and Laurent gave an abandoned paper mill a second life by launching their own company producing paper from recycled fibres. This was how Papier Cascade got its start, in 1964 in Kingsey Falls. The Lemaire brothers did not become a trio until 1967, when Alain joined the business. Their shared vision and complementary skills—Bernard is the visionary, Laurent the financier and Alain the production specialist—made them a strong, well-balanced management team. The company’s decision to go public in 1983 drove further growth, first in the United States and later in Europe. Conscious of the importance of staying at the forefront, they created a research and development facility to support innovation within the company. In addition to contributing to Quebec’s dynamic entrepreneurial scene, the Lemaire brothers have promoted Quebec’s expertise in sustainable development around the world.     

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