Their legacy

Alain Lemaire at the École d’entrepreneurship de Beauce (2018)
Photo credit : cascades Archives

photo : Archives Cascades


The success of Cascades and the Lemaire brothers has inspired a whole new generation of Québec entrepreneurs. They have shown that it is possible to start from nothing and build a business that is innovative, human and international in scope. What’s more, they have shone a spotlight on Québec’s homegrown expertise in sustainable development.

In addition to driving local economic development in Kingsey Falls, the Lemaire brothers worked to create a flourishing environment for the people who live there, creating Parc Marie-Victorin, one of their legacies in the community.

Aerial of Parc Marie-Victorin
Photo credit : cascades Archives

The Builders’ footbridge, a donation by Cascades to Parc Marie-Victorin in Kingsey Falls
Photo credit : cascades Archives

Cascades has also fostered the emergence of an entire business ecosystem in the area. The Lemaire brothers are committed to the development and vitality of Québec entrepreneurship through their involvement in initiatives such as the Fondation de l’entrepreneurship and the École d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce.