Lino Saputo

An entrepreneur of pride

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In 1950, Lino Saputo’s father, a Sicilian cheese maker, left Italy with his older brother to start a new life in Montréal. The rest family joined them two years later. His father worked several construction jobs, and young Lino was saddened to see him so overworked. At 15, Lino was working at an Italian deli to raise the money he needed to start a family business and help his father. In 1954, Lino started a cheese-making business with $500 in equipment and a bicycle to make deliveries. Today, Saputo is the largest dairy processor in the country, in addition to being present in the United States, Argentina and Australia. Lino ran his company on strong family values and a desire to “always do better.” His passion for entrepreneurship still burns brightly, and he is keen to share it with the next generation. In particular he contributed to the creation of entrePrism at HEC Montréal, to coach new entrepreneurs, including immigrant entrepreneurs.

His beginnings

An entrepreneur
of pride

His legacy