His legacy

Lino Saputo named Officer of the National Order of Quebec. (May 2011)

Photo credit : Saputo family personal archives

Inspiring Entrepreneur

Lino’s entrepreneurial values also inspired his son Joey. Today, Joey is head of all family investments outside of the dairy industry. As such, he is President and CEO of Arbec Forest Products Inc. and sits on the boards of directors of the family’s real estate group and TFI International (TransForce). Joey is President of the Montreal Impact and Stade Saputo, undertakings the family sees as a way to give back to the Montréal community.

Clip from Alain Bédard's interview, Cercle des Grands entrepreneurs du Québec — only available in French

Lino has been a mentor to several entrepreneurs. Among them was Alain Bédard. After having worked at Lino’s side for 14 years, Alain became President and Chief Executive Officer of shipping company TransForce. Drawing inspiration from his mentor’s work ethic, he poured his passion into his work and kept the bar high. Alain is determined to achieve good results and always seeks to do better.

In 1954, we were a company of three. Today, we have more than 12,500 employees. It makes me very proud. To me, it’s a mission accomplished beyond all my expectations.


Education for the next generation

In addition to being a mentor, Lino helped create the program entrePrism at HEC Montréal, which trains and coaches new entrepreneurs, including immigrant entrepreneurs. Since its inception in 2015, entrePrism has helped 75 entrepreneurs from three cohorts bring their business projects to life. Lino is keen to share his values and instill the desire to always do better.