Lise Watier

An entrepreneur of women's empowerment

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Lise Watier’s desire to become an entrepreneur came at an early age. Her grandfather encouraged her, giving her advice she followed her entire career: “Prove them wrong.” She founded Lise Watier Cosmetics in 1972, adopting the mission to help women feel good in their own skin. The entrepreneur associated her name and likeness with the brand, and this authenticity helped with the company’s success. She continued to rise thanks to the launch of Neiges, a perfume that rivals the creations of the great Parisian perfume makers. She achieves her most ambitious plans by exercising leadership that marries strength and grace, and by opening the door to women’s entrepreneurship. She continues to coach women through the Fondation Lise Watier and the s’Entreprendre program, which provides them the resources to start their companies.

Her beginnings

An entrepreneur
of women’s empowerment

Her legacy