Her legacy

Lise watier (2015)

Photo credit : Vital Productions

An entrepreneure of vision and action

Lise has demonstrated that a Québec company can play in the big leagues. She has proven to Québec women and men that anything is possible.

While she is no longer active at the head of Lise Watier Cosmetics, her entrepreneurial light still shines brightly. Notably, she partnered with Domaine Pinnacle to launch the Québec vodka, Quartz, in 2014.

There are no age restrictions to be an entrepreneure.


This entrepreneure extraordinaire created her own brand and accomplished her dream despite everyone telling her she would fail. She makes no secret of the fact that her journey was tough, but she has shown that it is possible to win in the end. She has inspired women’s self-confidence and blazed the entrepreneurial trail for them, and she continues help them today through the Fondation Lise Watier.

An entrepreneure with a mission

Fondation Lise Watier

“Nous portons la lumière de la Fondation Lise Watier!” (campaign slogan : “We carry the torch of the Fondation Lise Watier!”) 2010

Crédit photo : Fondation Lise Watier

In 2009, she established the Fondation Lise Watier to raise funds to be distributed to different organizations across Canada. The mission of the Foundation has changed since it was created : all funds raised are channelled into the s’Entreprendre program to assist with making women financially independent and autonomous. This program created by Lise in September 2017, helps women in need to help themselves by starting their own company, returning to school or returning to the job market. Women receive financial support through microcredit, in addition to coaching as their carry out their plans.

Clip Lise Watier’s interview, Cercle des grands entrepreneurs du Québec — only available in French