An entrepreneur with drive

Madeleine Paquin, first female president of LOGISTEC (1996)
Photo credit : LOGISTEC Archives


As the newly minted president, Madeleine was determined to grow LOGISTEC’s marine cargo handling and environmental services divisions and to foster synergies between both to better address the needs of its customers.

In 1998, she oversaw the acquisition of Sanexen Technologies, rounding out the operations of LOGISTEC’s subsidiary, Sanexen Environmental Services Inc. The company was a leader in soil decontamination and the owner of Aqua-Pipe, a state-of-the-art water main rehabilitation solution.

Madeleine also pursued avenues to expand internationally. She spearheaded the acquisition of BalTerm, a company specializing in handling forest products in the Port of Baltimore, in the United States.

Port of Baltimore, Maryland (2009)
Photo credit : LOGISTEC Archives

Sanexen environmental services inc., Goose Bay (2017)
Photo credit : LOGISTEC Archives

In 2018, she maintained this growth pace by carrying out new acquisitions in Texas and Florida, both bordering the Gulf of Mexico. As a result of these transactions, LOGISTEC now has 2,400 employees and 61 terminals in 37 ports in North America.


Madeleine acknowledges that the company’s dynamic performance is driven by a hard-working team of experienced professionals. When she stepped into to her father’s role, she successfully maintained the family spirit that characterized LOGISTEC.

I’m very proud to have achieved my father’s goals, but I’m even prouder of my team and what we have built together. I wake up every morning asking what we are going to build today. That’s what drives me.

Madeleine Paquin

With a focus on the future, Madeleine is aware that expanding the company’s reach means expanding her staff’s knowledge and know-how. She therefore embraces a proactive approach to training and innovation and firmly believes in the importance of grooming the next generation.

Clip from Sylvie Vachon’s interview, cercle des grands entrepreneurs du québec – only available in french


Her leadership qualities and vision have earned Madeleine a place of influence and respect in her industry. She is actively involved in developing the sector, and the people in her network recognize her entrepreneurial drive and industry expertise.

In 2017, she was inducted into the International Maritime Hall of Fame by her U.S. peers in recognition of her achievements and her standing in the industry.

Humble and aware of how far she has come, Madeleine is quick to share her accolades with her team members, whose invaluable support is at the heart of her success.

Madeleine Paquin at the International Maritime Hall of fame (2017)
Photo credit :  LOGISTEC archives

Madeleine Paquin is a dynamic, daring and incredibly energetic entrepreneur, characteristics that have served her in forging a vision and encouraging people to follow her.

Monique Leroux, C.M., O.Q., FCPA, FCA, Chair of the board of investissement Québec and former chair of the board and CEO of Desjardins group