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Marcel Dutil
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For Marcel Dutil, an entrepreneur has to have a dream, along with a knack for surrounding themselves with the right people. They also must be able to sell their ideas and inspire loyalty. For example, at the end of the 1980s he convinced engineers working on the 1,000 De La Gauchetière project in Montréal to build with steel rather than concrete. The result was a total success.

Installing the last column for 1000 de la Gauchetière in Montréal (1991)
Photo credit: Groupe Canam

Clip from Bernard Gouin’s interview, Cercle des Grands entrepreneurs du Québec – Only available in french

Confident and persuasive, he surrounded himself with dedicated teams and reliable business partners. Like his grandfather, he took pride in the way he treated the people he worked with, whether they were his employees, suppliers, partners or clients. His secret ingredient? His authenticity. For Marcel, being honest about what you think and what you want is a sign of respect that builds trusting relationships. It’s how he earned and kept the support of his associates, even through difficult times.

Marcel Dutil’s enthusiasm could be disruptive,
but at the same time, it garnered admiration.

ANDRÉ BÉRARD, corporate director
and past President of National Bank


Marcel Dutil is a real go-getter. Nothing is impossible and no project is too big for this Beauce businessman. All it takes is faith and the willingness to work harder than anyone else. With the perfect mix of authenticity and self-confidence, Marcel has never been afraid to compete in the big leagues. In founding Manac, a semi-trailer manufacturing company, he went up against multinational companies. This led him to secure large-scale projects for Canam Manac Group in both Canada and the U.S., including massive sports stadiums.

These contracts didn’t always turn a big profit, but they helped the Group earn an enviable reputation and build a name for delivering on time. The Canam Manac Group is known in the industry for its reliability, a valuable quality when it comes to a building’s steel structure.

Construction of the new Boston Garden (1993)
Photo credit: Groupe Canam

Completed in 1994, the Garden was the new home for the Boston Bruins NHL team and the Boston Celtics NBA team
Photo credit: Groupe Canam

Clip from Marcel Dutil’s interview, Cercle des Grands entrepreneurs du Québec – only available in french


Although his ambition has led him to build a globally competitive company, Marcel Dutil has always kept both feet on the ground even as his business has grown tremendously. He remains deeply attached to the Saint-Gédéon plant and to his loyal employees. He was especially proud to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his Beauce-based company, whose workers are known for their ability to tackle highly complex projects. For Marcel Dutil, arrogance is the worst enemy of entrepreneurs.

When you’re the boss, your boss is the client.
Never forget that.


Clip from Marcel Dutil’s interview, Cercle des Grands entrepreneurs du Québec – only available in french