Date of birth: August 17, 1942

City: Saint-Georges

Family: Oldest of five children

View inside the Canam Steel Works plant in Saint-Gédéon (1950s)
Photo credit : Groupe Canam


In the Dutil family, the entrepreneurial gene is passed down from generation to generation. Marcel Dutil points to his grandfather, Édouard Lacroix, as the family’s original role model. Starting with nothing, at one point Édouard employed more than 6,000 workers at his lumber plants in Beauce, Gaspésie and Maine. Deeply engaged in his community, he also served as a Member of Parliament for many years. Marcel often heard his mother say that his grandfather’s achievements could never be matched. Marcel was determined to at least try.

The company’s three founders: Roger Dutil, Gilberte Lacroix and Albert Goldberg
Photo credit : Groupe Canam

Using his entrepreneurial DNA to his advantage, after a few years working in his parents’ plant, Canam Steel Works, Marcel founded Manac in 1966. He had just turned 24. His new plant operated at a loss during its first few years, but it took more than that to discourage this born entrepreneur. In 1972, six years after founding Manac, Marcel acquired Canam Steel Works and formed the Canam Manac Group.

A Manac inc. semi-trailer (1960s)
Photo credit : Manac

Clip from André Bérard’s interview, Cercle des Grands entrepreneurs du Québec – Only available in french