his Legacy

CGI celebrates its 40th anniversary of founding at the New York Stock Exchange (2016)

Photo credit : CGI’s archives

A leader in IT

Serge Godin dared to start a company in a highly competitive field by creating an environment where people enjoy working together. His leadership has always inspired his teams to shoot for the highest standards of excellence. With his infectious enthusiasm and conviction, Serge has shown that any business dream can become a reality.

Moreover, his path exemplifies the changes of the past few decades : while his father worked in raw materials, just one generation later, Serge was in the knowledge economy.

Clip from Serge Godin’s interview, Cercle des Grands entrepreneurs du Québec — only available in French

Sharing success and inspiring entrepreneurship

Serge Godin’s success has inspired a new generation of entrepreneurs. He has shared his love for entrepreneurship with every member of the CGI family. His work methods have influenced many entrepreneurs and have been adopted by other companies. Serge has always wanted to share his success and give generously back to the community. This entrepreneur embodies the values of hard work and discipline that lead to success.